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Basrah Refinery Project awarded to Osmoflo Overseas Business Hub

July 8, 2021

Osmoflo is pleased to announce the winning of a major contract for a large raw water treatment and reverse osmosis plant from JGC Corporation, Japan for the Basrah Upgrade Refinery Project in Iraq.

Osmoflo’s scope under this contract includes the supply of raw water filtration, reverse osmosis, polishing, oil condensate filtration, portable water and de-chlorination packages. The total capacity of reverse osmosis plant will be 12,500m3/d and all packages are scheduled for delivery by August 2022. The basic engineering will be done by our engineering team in Pune, India, while fabrication will be done in UAE. It will allow Osmoflo the capability to deliver this project, reinforcing Osmoflo’s reputation of world class desalination.

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