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Meet the team

At Osmoflo, who we are is just as important as what we do. Our success is driven by our people.

Board of Directors

Takayuki Inoue

Takayuki Inoue has been involved in desalination projects in the MENA region and Japan. He has particular experience in the process engineering of large scale thermal desalination systems (including BOP) and in managing the bid and execution of EPC and IWPP projects in the MENA region. He has also led the development team for the HiSIS seawater intake system.

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Carmine Ciccocioppo
CEO and Managing Director

Carmine joined Osmoflo in 2010 as General Manager, Operations and has served in a range of executive roles since that time, most recently being appointed to the role of Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director in April 2022.

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Tetsuya Matsuura
Executive Director, Technologies

Tetsuya Matsuura joins Osmoflo Burton after spending 25 years at Hitachi Zosen (Hitz) in Japan in various engineering roles and most recently seconded as Manager of the Global Water Business Team (GWBT) based in Pune.

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Takashi Ibe
Non Executive Director

Takashi Ibe has been with Hitachi Zosen Corporation since 1984 and has primarily been engaged in overseas business. He has been seconded as a representative in New York, Abu Dhabi and London.

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Executive Management Team

Katie Divall
Chief Financial Officer

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Neil Palmer
Chief Technical Officer

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James Leggatt
Company Secretary

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Milind Bendre
Country Manager, India

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Bobby Watson
General Manager, Dubai Hub

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Anthony Matulick
General Manager, Operations

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Anthony Piantadosi
General Manager, People, Culture and Safety

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Rick Dahl
General Manager, Projects and Production

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Marin Slunjski
General Manager, Sales

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Scott Chalmers
General Manager, Strategic Growth

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