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Emergency water rentals
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Our company treats more water used in mining than any other company in Australia. Our plants provide process and drinking water from raw water with wide ranging quality and salinity.

Oil and Gas

We offer Oil & Gas water treatment solutions based on extensive experience and adherence to the highest industry standards. Development of world leading water treatment applications - demineralisation, purified water, process water treatment and reuse.

Food & Beverage

Some of the biggest names in the food and beverage industry, including soft drink and beer producers, rely on our custom designed  desalination plants for safe, high quality water in their manufacturing processes.


We understand that there's more than just technology and expertise when it comes to providing fresh, safe water to communities around the world. Water, its availability or lack of, impacts the social fabric of each and every community.


High purity water is vital to energy generation. Our extensive experience in treating water for the energy industry has supplied plants for this purpose to generators in several states.

Emergency water rentals

Minimise downtime for your critical projects with proven solutions and support deployed when you need it.

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