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Optimising the long-term performance and reliability of your water treatment plant


Providing quality operations and maintenance services to more than 90 plants and facilities worldwide, we’re the trusted experts for clients across a range of industries.

Our proven process allows our customers to meet their water management requirements and their related whole of business objectives on an ongoing basis.

The team takes a whole-of-life approach to asset management, operations and maintenance with all of its projects, regardless of who ultimately owns them.


With a global network of offices, we’ve designed and built an extensive portfolio of over 600 projects around the world.

Working For You Around The Clock

Peace of mind with 24/7 remote plant monitoring and control solutions.

Minimise plant downtime, ensure water quality compliance, prevent potential equipment damage, and improve plant performance with Plant Connect, our proprietary system for assisting in the monitoring of plants across the globe.

We offer complete remote plant monitoring and control solutions via our 24/7 manned Operations Control Centres. We have a high level of experience in plant operations, capable of monitoring many plants and facilities around the globe. Through our Control Centres we provide our clients with immediate plant operation support and critical alarm response.

We continue to adopt and use new technologies to assist clients to maintain their operations in water assets. Our plant optimization and troubleshooting team provide exceptional behind the scenes support to ensure plants are operating at their best, with advanced AI and machine learning capability used to optimize energy usage and chemical consumption.

Benefits we achieve

With decades of experience owning and operating water treatment plants, we deliver results by maintaining plants to the highest industry standards and performance levels.

Achieving High Availability Reliable Water Production

Our asset management team actively plans for the full range of operating scenarios through Criticality Analysis & Contingency Planning, as well as managing a large network of critical spares around the country that can be made available to support all our clients.

Operating at Optimal Performance

Our site operations team are amongst the most highly trained and experienced water operators across the industry. We pride ourselves on delivering industry-leading operational skills and knowledge, backed by an exceptional support network.

Minimizing Operating Costs

Our products (consumables and chemicals) are of the highest quality, dosed at optimal effectiveness ensuring value for money.

We supply very high quality equipment (the same brands and product ranges used in our own WTP’s), that achieve maximum reliability at the lowest possible whole-of-life cost.

The Osmoflo Difference

Superior water and wastewater treatment service providers across the full range of applications including potable, process and ultrapure water, advanced recycling and reuse, and brine minimisation/high recovery.

Proven track-record as long term water partners -  being there for our clients in times of need and when it really counts.

Ability to work constantly in the client’s best interests and recognising that when our clients succeed, so do we.

Industry-leading depth, responsiveness, reliability and one-eyed dedication to exceptional customer service.