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Involvement in the One Basin CRC

February 9, 2024

        As revealed by in their annual report at the conclusion of 2023, Osmoflo is         participating and collaborating in a brackish groundwater project with One         Basin CRC seeking to provide insight into the diversification of irrigated         water sources.

The project aims to demonstrate use of desalinated water for agriculture, the effectiveness of proposed processes, the potential for upscaling, and the opportunity to provide direct benefit to the local area.


Over the 12 months, the project will identify a demonstration desalination site, develop an online analytical tool for evaluating desalination costs and report on the future outlook across the basin.

The project kicked off with an exploration of South Australia’s Riverland to find an operational demonstration site for sustainable desalination of brackish groundwater for agricultural use that will promote interest in brackish water utilisation across the Murray–Darling Basin.


A key factor for identifying a site is the management of brine. A range of options are being considered, including on-site evaporation basins, use of salt interception scheme disposal basins and reinjection to an aquifer having high salinity.  As of this writing, 6 sites throughout the Riverland could be used for demonstrations of the technology.


Osmoflo is committed to its collaboration with higher education, as the organisation believes that technology and innovation is at the heart of water solutions.

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