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Osmoflo’s shareholder Hitachi Zosen Corporation name change

October 6, 2023

Osmoflo’s shareholder, Hitachi Zosen Corporation recently announced that the Board of Directors has resolved to change their trade name to Kanadevia Corporation.

This change is subject to the approval of partial amendments to their Articles of Incorporation at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders to be held in late June 2024.


“Kanadevia” is a coined word. It combines “kanade” (from the Japanese verb “kanaderu” meaning “to play music in harmony”) and "via" (Latin for “way” or “method”).


The Hitachi Zosen Group has always contributed with sincerity to the creation of a prosperous society by using technology. Now, we have decided to take a step forward under the brand concept of Kanadevia, in order to take on the challenge through the power of technology, to create a world that lives in balance with nature. The new trade name shows that we respect diversity, just as the many diverse players in an orchestra work in harmony (“kanaderu”).It also shows that we will pioneer a new path (“via”), through continuous technological innovation, to bring the same harmony to human society and the natural world.


The change is scheduled to take place on October 1, 2024, and Hitachi Zosen will work to promote the new brand through the announcement of a new logo and promotional activities to publicize the new company name.


At this stage, it is not anticipated that this name change by our parent company will directly affect Osmoflo. Hitachi Zosen Corporation of Japan became Osmoflo’s shareholder in 2017, and Osmoflo have become a key pillar in their global water business through Hitachi Zosen’s financial strength and extensive global reach.

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