Coal Seam Gas

Coal Seam Gas

In conjunction with industry partners, Osmoflo has developed world leading solutions for the treatment and beneficial use of the wastewater and salt by-products from Coal Seam Gas (CSG) extraction. These solutions not only reduce costs to CSG companies but meet community and government expectations with respect to care for the environment and water reuse.

Osmoflo is at the forefront in this emerging industry with our integrated solutions able to deliver viable options for the beneficial use of water and salts. This includes:

  • assuming wastewater disposal risk through outsourcing of treatment and disposal issues 
  • reducing the salt disposal risk through processing salts into usable salts
  • generating rebates from the sale of water and salts

These water treatment solutions demonstrate care for the environment and offer savings in disposal and remediation costs to potential clients.

The quality of water recovered in CSG extraction is highly variable which can make treatment difficult, however Osmoflo's technology is up to the task and allows for:

  • high water recovery (less waste)
  • treatment of high temperature water
  • removal of silica, iron and hydrocarbons found in wastewater from CSG extraction
  • treatment of water extracted in the CSG production process, to meet environmental standards and beneficial uses
  • Brine management systems to utilise salts for commerical use


Osmoflo’s Coal Seam Gas Case Studies

Adding value to coal seam gas 'produced' water

QGC's reliance on large evaporation ponds is reduced by desalination technology, with positive environmental outcomes

Relocatable plant gives Santos desalination flexibility

Santos has a unique Australian first - a fully relocatable RO desalination plant.

Benefical use of CSG wastewater

Safe disposal of huge volumes of water that need to be extracted prior to the extraction of coal seam gas in Queensland is a major challenge for the industry. Osmoflo is helping Santos overcome this problem through a 6ML/d reverse osmosis plant at the Pony Hills site near Roma. The plant treats the water to a standard enabling beneficial use for release into local creeks. PlantConnect®, Osmoflo's proprietary remote control system, linked to our Operations Control Centre, provides around the clock monitoring and control, ensuring efficient operation and thus the maintenance of environmental and other regulatory requirements relating to water release to the environment.