Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Solutions

Osmoflo offers a complete in-house solution when it comes to water treatment solutions.

Optimising plant efficiency requires a whole process approach, starting with understanding client needs and plant design, right through to operations support and maintenance.



  • Ability to provide the best technical solution, based on 30 years’ experience in specialised membrane process design, and in perfecting over 490 projects around the globe
  • The provision of full in-house design and fabrication under ISO9001 accreditation, ensuring project cost control and meeting delivery schedules
  • Guaranteed process and operational performance
  • Quality, safety, environmental and asset managment acccreditations - ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, AS 4801, IS 14001 & IS 555 001
  • Remote operations and continuous monitoring through 24 hour manned operations control centres. The Control Centres are linked to your plant through PlantConnect®, Osmoflo’s proprietary remote monitoring and control platform, with further support from local technical service engineers


There is no single solution for treating water. Water has different characteristics depending on where it comes from and a whole host of other variables. A detailed analysis is therefore essential to ensure the process Osmoflo delivers is fit for purpose.

Our technical services team is highly skilled in water evaluation and process selection. Providing the samples of your raw water and the quality of water you need is all that is required. Then comes thorough testing, which provides all the answers regarding the process technologies required to treat your raw water to a quality that can support your operation.


Thorough testing is one of the keys to the right whole of life solution. For that reason Osmoflo have heavily invested in pilot plants that enable evaluation of the merits of the various technologies and operational regimes.

These pilot plants are readily available and can be quickly adapted to meet specific project needs. Installed onsite they will mimic the performance of the proposed solution for that site and can be programmed to trial proposed modifications.

This experience is part of Osmoflo’s research and development program and adds to the company’s knowledge base.



The tailored designs that Osmoflo provide its clients offer the optimal water solution but also take into consideration plant management, operations and maintenance for the life of the plant.

Developing technical concepts into full detailed designs, including 3D drawings, is part of the design phase. These drawings have the added advantage of enabling clients to view the project in detail before and as the plant is being built. Full parametric models are also produced, containing all the equipment required to make the project a reality, including the bill of materials.


Osmoflo’s Burton desalination manufacturing facility is the largest of its type in the southern hemisphere. The world class facility provides for the ability to fabricate and test, minimising build time on site. This philosophy allows for integration between the design and fabrication phases.


Osmoflo’s commissioning regimes allow for formal commissioning to be completed before any equipment leaves the premises.

This includes thorough and full wet-testing which is carried out with the aid of a commissioning water pump set and a 250kL rainwater tank at the Burton manufacturing facility.

Such practices ensure that onsite commissioning is minimised and site acceptance testing can focus on fine tuning to meet site-specific conditions.




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