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Osmoflo's Trainee Program reaches new heights!

February 28, 2022

Toward the end of 2021, Osmoflo launched its first “school-based” traineeship in which we undertook two young students on a 12-month basis whilst they study a Certificate 3 in Engineering. For this venture, we partnered with St Patrick’s Technical College to take on Keegan Stevens and Riley Scott as employees of Osmoflo.

Keegan and Riley have been with the company for almost 3 months now and have experienced quite a number of tasks and activities in their roles as Trainee Mechanical Draftspersons, including 3D modelling of skid designs, structural and pipework detail drawings, cartridge filter work and learning Osmoflo design and methodology procedures.

When asked about their knowledge and reasoning for joining Osmoflo, the trainee’s said:

Keegan: “My teacher had said to me that Osmoflo is a worldwide company that designs water treatment plants and is looking for someone to do CAD work. Hearing this from my teacher sounded like a really cool job because I love designing stuff and using CAD to make it 3D. I hope to improve my skills with using AutoCAD and Inventor throughout the years I am here, so one day I can work on a project by myself.

Riley: “I heard about OSMOFLO through the job manager at my school, she mentioned that OSMOFLO where looking for someone that can work with 3D modelling software. And as I have done 3D modelling and printing at home and at school, in turn I was really interested. During my time at OSMOFLO I hope to learn more about 3D modelling software and to be a part of a worldwide team to innovate water treatment solutions.”

Trevor Haynes, Senior Mechanical Designer from Engineering has been promoting the idea of introducing school-based drafting traineeship at Osmoflo for some time.  Craig Nihill, General Manager Human Resources then made it happen. Trevor has been thrilled with the boys’ attitude and contribution to date, “Keegan and Riley have been a welcomed addition to not only Osmoflo company, but specifically to the Engineering and Mechanical design team. They’ve show enthusiasm and eagerness to learn and participate, and it’s wonderful that myself and my team are given the opportunity to pass on the knowledge we have about the role and industry, to a new generation of designers”.

Keegan Stevens (Left) and Riley Scott (Right)

Craig believes this project will not only assist in the development of these two young men but will also be a launching pad for similar initiatives. “This initiative develops valuable employment skills, provides hands-on industry experience and a nationally recognised qualification, while allowing students to still complete their secondary school qualifications. We see this approach as a pipeline for new talent to join the water industry and to gain new work-life experiences whilst competing their studies. It will help Osmoflo meet our current and future skills requirements and give a young person realistic exposure to our industry. It also helps develop the coaching and mentoring support skills required by our Managers whilst they supervise and develop these students working in their departments”.

As mentioned, Keegan and Riley will be working with us for the remainder of the calendar year, and we look forward to their contribution as well as what is to come in their future endeavours.

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