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Osmoflo receives IDA Sustainability Award

December 1, 2022

At the International Desalination Association’s World Congress event in Sydney earlier this year, Osmoflo received the award for Best Implementor of UN Sustainable Goal 6 Water for All (SGD6).

This recognition highlighted the ongoing work Osmoflo has with the local authority on the Island of Ebeye, Kwajalein Atoll in the Republic of Marshall Islands, building a desalination plant for a sustainable and secure water supply and providing education and employment opportunities for the local population on the remote island.

Neil Palmer, Chief Technical Officer at Osmoflo, who was key in submitting this project to the IDA for consideration, felt that the work that Osmoflo does in that region deserved highlighting. “Following the project delivery in 2016, we have trained local operators in Ebeye and Australia, regularly visited theplant and provided remote process support from our 24/7 Control Room in Adelaide.   Since commencement of operations, the plant has achieved 98% availability.”  


Our CEO and Managing Director, Carmine Ciccocioppo, further solidified the impact of this award and outlines how it aligns to Osmoflo’s recent rebranding activity and what’s to come in the sustainability space.   “Osmoflo is on a mission to build a sustainable water future, where nothing is wasted. This award, coupled with the launch of our rebrand at the IDA event, exemplifies our commitment to a circular future for water, and we will continue to look for unique opportunities - such as the ongoing relationships with those in Marshall Islands - to provide innovative, sustainable and value-based water solutions that contribute to a circular economy.


This project highlights the benefits of a sustainable aid funding and capacity building model for water infrastructure and essential services in the Pacific, and with the assistance and support of the Kwajaleien Atoll Joint Utility Resources group (KAJUR), the Australian and US Governments and the Asian Development Bank.  We are proud to receive this award and we thank the International Desalination Association for the recognition.


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(In photo above, L-R: Carlos Cosin, IDA President; Shannon McCarthy IDA Secretary General; Carmine Ciccocioppo, Osmoflo CEO; Takayuki Inoue, Osmoflo Chair; Tetsu Matsuura, Osmoflo Technical Director)