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Osmoflo and Synauta Join Forces in Smart Water Magazine

October 19, 2021

Osmoflo was recently highlighted in collaboration with Synauta, with machine learning trials at Osmoflo's OBS plants.

Synauta is a cleantech startup collaborating with desalination innovators across Europe, Australia, the Middle East and North America. Together we share the goal of reducing energy and chemical use in desalination.

You can find the article at this link

Anthony Matulick, Operations Manager at Osmoflo, had this to say about this joint venture with Synauta...

"It's compelling to see how the right application of machine learning demonstrates superiority to human decision making; it really compliments Osmoflo’s 30 years of skills and experience with water plant optimization. Synauta continues to show how we can minimize the operational costs of water treatment assets including power, chemicals, and consumables such as RO membranes. Osmoflo is excited to be partnering with Synauta in bringing this technology to our clients."

You can also find an article mentioning the results at this link.

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