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Osmoflo achieves Third Party Certification to the international Asset Management Standard ISO 55001:2014

February 5, 2021

Osmoflo is very pleased to advise that it has achieved third party certification of its asset management system to the international asset management standard, ISO 55001:2014.

This latest certification adds to Osmoflo’s existing certifications from SAI Global for its integrated management systems covering Occupational Health and Safety (ISO 45001:2018) and AS/NZS (4801:2001), Quality (ISO 9001:2015) and Environmental (ISO 14001:2015).

The certification to ISO 55001 has been many years in the planning and demonstrates the strength and maturity of Osmoflo’s asset management systems and culture. The ISO 55001 standard identifies the extensive compliance requirements for the life-cycle management of assets and requires demonstration of asset management as a core competency of the entire business - one that is fully integrated at all three levels of corporate activity including at the operational level, the tactical/ planning level, and at that the strategic /executive leadership level.

Michael White, Acting External Plant Team Leader from Energy Australia, one of Osmoflo’s key customers, commented, “We have had a really positive experience working with Osmoflo for the last 14 years. I believe Osmoflo’s recent certification to ISO 55001:2014 recognises their asset management knowledge, and ability to apply asset management systems to improve long term asset performance, which is extremely important to me as an operator of critical infrastructure. Continuous improvement in the management of our reverse osmosis plants performance and life cycle costs by Osmoflo, allows us to focus on our main priority – providing a consistent and reliable power supply.”

Nick Sterenberg, Operations Manager, Coopers Brewery at Regency Park, stated “Osmoflo has owned and operated its desalination plant that has provided a consistent, high quality and reliable water supply to Coopers Brewery for over 20 years.

Osmoflo’s maintenance and asset management practices have played an important role in ensuring a very high level of plant availability and product water quality and this in turn has allowed Coopers to supply its beer, malt, and homebrew products nationally and globally with no interruption over that entire period. Coopers congratulates Osmoflo on its certification to ISO 55001 - this provides us with yet further reassurance that Osmoflo will continue to provide best-practice asset management services in the years to come.”

Osmoflo is an Australian-headquartered designer, builder and operator of advanced water filtration and desalination systems, with regional offices in the Middle East (Dubai) and India (Pune). It provides reliable, high quality and innovative water solutions specialising in membrane separation technologies including micro and ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis, ion exchange, elctro-deionistaion (EDI), and membrane bioreactors, as well as its patented brine-minimisation technology, Osmoflo Brine Squeezer.

For more information on Osmoflo and any additional information on its ISO 55001 certified Asset Management capabilities please visit www.osmoflo.com