Osmoflo to provide delivery and long term operation of a major desalination plant for Roy Hill Mine

Osmoflo to provide delivery and long term operation of a major desalination plant for Roy Hill Mine

Roy Hill is an Iron Ore mine situated approximately 115 kilometres north of Newman, in the Pilbara region and is the only independent iron ore project with West Australian majority ownership

  • Client

    Roy Hill Holdings Pty Ltd

  • Technology


  • Location

    Roy Hill Mine, Piblara, Western Australia

  • Commissioned

    Under Construction

  • Project Scale

    20,000 m3/day

“Osmoflo will provide a critical and secure water source for our Roy Hill mine, ensuring operations can continue well into the future” Senior Project Manager, Jim Turner at Roy Hill

Challenge With its integrated Mine, Rail and Port facilities, Roy Hill has the capacity to deliver 55Mt of iron ore per annum.  This must meet stringent quality standards and in particular the ore must be washed to remove chloride based salts before shipment. The water available to the project is suitable only for the first 4 years of mine life and is predicted to deteriorate over time with increasing chloride based salt levels.  Because of this., Roy Hill require a water treatment solution to remove some of the chloride from the water coming from the aquifer to enable final ore washing.

Solution  The EPC contract involves the delivery of a desalination and blended water treatment plant at the Roy Hill mine site with capacity up to 20 MLD. The plant will treat water on site to ensure it is suitable for use in mining processes. The project also includes the installation of a 4.3km pipeline that will be used to pump the brine from the plant to a managed aquifer recharge system. 

In addition, Osmoflo will provide the subsequent operations and maintenance of the plant for the life of the mine, which is expected to be in excess of 20 years.

Result  Fabrication of the 20 MLD brackish water reverse osmosis plant and associated equipment for Roy Hill will take place at Osmoflo’s manufacturing facility in South Australia. The plant will then be transported over 3,400km to the Roy Hill site with the project scheduled for completion in early 2019. More than one hundred personnel will be utilised around Australia for the combined EPC and operation & maintenance contracts.

The WTP is expected to be expanded to 41MLD within the proceeding 2 years to meet ERA’s future water needs. This may also include another 8MLD Brine Squeezer once plant expansion is complete.