Tackling Increasing Water Salinity

Tackling Increasing Water Salinity

Osmoflo won this contract on the strength of its ability to provide a proven design that met technical guidelines and delivering within very tight manufacturing guidelines.

  • Client

    Glow Energy Public Company Ltd

  • Technology

    Ultrafiltration followed by Seawater Reverse Osmosis

  • Location

    Rayong, Thailand

  • Commissioned

    May 2020

  • Project Scale

    7000 m3/day

Challenge Water extracted from a neighbouring coal mine which has traditionally provided for much of the power station's process needs had become increasingly saline causing operational problems.

Solution This includes partial treatment of the source water in a clarifier which has been provided by a third party and is located upstream from the Osmoflo plant. Tenders for both the filtration and reverse osmosis stages were issued separately, however Osmoflo won both on the strength of its overall capability including its ability to provide a fit for purpose integrated design. The desaliantion process reduces the salinity of the source water from around 2,000 mg/l total dissolved solids (TDS) to between 45-65 mg/l TDS. Reject water from the desaliantion process is disposed of utilising existing Verve Energy facilities at Collie Power Station.

Result The outputs of both the clarifier and desalination plant are blended to provide the right quality and quantity of water for Verve's operational requirements.

Verve Energy is a state-owned power company suppling to an area bounded by Geralton, Kalgoorlie and Albany from five major power stations and wind farms.