Osmoflo provides 5 desalination plants for Gorgon Project

Osmoflo provides 5 desalination plants for Gorgon Project

The Gorgon project is Australia’s largest energy related project, made up of a consortium of major energy players.

  • Client


  • Technology

    Reverse Osmosis

  • Location

    Barrow Island, Western Aust.

  • Commissioned

    2010 and 2011


  • Project Scale


Challenge The Gorgon project, Australia’s largest energy related project, had a requirement for potable water. The consortium’s construction partners selected Osmoflo to provide the water solution, which was required to be able to withstand cyclones that were typical of the location.

Solution Osmoflo designed and constructed four desalination plants in total for the project. These four desalination plants had a combined capacity of 7ML/d. A combination of skid-mounted and containerised, the plants had a cyclone rating and utilises technology that minimises energy consumption, yet maximises the percentage of treated water that can be recovered from the saline raw water source

One of Osmoflo’s contracts for Gorgon is a 480 kL/day Demin WTP. The plant is built to demanding oil and gas specifications including human factors design. Similarly to the proposed demin plant it utilises 2-Pass-RO and EDI fed from a potable water supply with TDS of 500mg/L

An additional fifth plant was rented from Osmoflo which was located on a vessel moored off of the Barrow Island coast, filling a short term requirement for an additional 2ML/d of treated water during the construction phase.

Result The desalination plants were designed and constructed for the project providing a potable water source for the large scale project.