Osmoflo's global team provide Outotec with water treatment solution in Chile

Osmoflo's global team provide Outotec with water treatment solution in Chile

Outotec was contracted to expand and modernise a Chile copper smelter. The smelter has the capacity to produce 680,000t/year of copper concentrate and an output of 622,000t/year of sulfuric acid.

  • Client

    Outotec (Finland) Oy.

  • Technology

    Ultrafiltration/Reverse Osmosis

  • Location


  • Commissioned

    July 2017

  • Project Scale

    912 m3/day 1st Pass RO permeate
    240 m3/day 2nd Pass Demin water

Challenge  Outotec is located throughout 8 continents and provides services in minerals processing, metals, energy and water. Outotec were contracted to expand and modernise a copper smelter in Chile, for one of the country’s largest copper producers. Due to this expansion, there was a requirement for a water treatment plant (WTP) to assist in treating cooling tower blowdown. Osmoflo was selected for the design and construction of this WTP.

The cooling tower blowdown contains high suspended solids content (TSS 50 mg/L), high total dissolved solids (TDS 8200 mg/L), high Chloride content (Cl 4500 mg/L) and high dissolved Silica (SiO2 140 mg/L). Osmoflo’s experience in the mining industry, and in treating difficult water, was a key advantage in being awarded this project.

Solution  Osmoflo provided a custom-engineered 240 m3/day water treatment plant to support the mine expansion. The plant utilises a combination of ultra filtration technology for TSS removal followed by two pass brackish water reverse osmosis with a high salinity / high recovery stage for reduction of dissolved solids.

Result  The water that was typically discharged as blowdown waste from the mine is now recovered through the water treatment system. This is fed back into the circuit for reuse in mining processes. Some of the water is also polished further for use in high purity applications.

This project showcased Osmoflo’s global ability with engineering, project management and operations being provided by Osmoflo in Australia, India and Chile. This was also the first project completely fabricated from our office in India. Following pre-assembly and factory testing in Pune, the plant was pre-packaged as discreet skids and sea-freighted to Chile. 

Outotec Osmoflo-WTP-1  Outotec Osmoflo-WTP-2  Outotec Osmoflo-WTP-3