Osmoflo provides timely rental solution, treating process waste water for irrigation and reuse

Osmoflo provides timely rental solution, treating process waste water for irrigation and reuse

Producing dairy products for over 125 years, our client is one of the oldest dairy processors in Australia.

  • Client

    Client in the Dairy Industry

  • Technology

    Brackish Water RO / Seawater RO / Multimedia Filtration / Ultrafiltration

  • Location

    VIC, Australia

  • Commissioned

    September 2017

  • Project Scale

    1.2 MLD

Challenge  Our client, who operates in the dairy industry, had recently increased their cheese production by 30%, consequently resulting in the production of more waste water. As the increased volume was above their discharge capacity, this meant they needed to consider industrial water treatment options for the additional water.

In early 2017 the client contacted Osmoflo for supply of a 500m3/day rental plant to process UF permeate from whey processing. In addition, a 1.2 MLD rental solution was sought to treat their dairy waste so that it would be suitable for onsite irrigation & reuse.

Solution Our highly skilled personnel conducted bench top testing to see if they could treat the challenging water which contained high BOD, lactose whey and other particulates. Following this initial testing, we were engaged to undertake site pilot testing with a small microfiltration plant and Osmoflo Brine Squeezer. With the support of Osmoflo’s Innovations, Projects and Operations departments, the trial was a success and with it still in operation, Osmoflo was engaged to provide the full scale rental plant.

The rental assets incorporated various technologies including microfiltration, ultrafiltration, brackish water reverse osmosis and sea water reverse osmosis. Site installation was conducted by the client with installation supervision and commissioning support from Osmoflo, as well as ongoing O&M for the plant.

Result  Osmoflo’s 1.2 MLD rental plant was delivered within 4 weeks from order placement and was installed at the clients factory in Victoria.

The combined efforts of Osmoflo’s departments on this project demonstrated our continued willingness, and success, in treating challenging water for our clients!