Loddon River Case Study

Loddon River Case Study

The Ability to meet the demands of fast track delivery was essential to project success

  • Client

    Coliban Water

  • Technology

    Salt reduction through reverse osmosis technology

  • Location

    Bridgewater on Loddon, Victoria

  • Commissioned

    August 2009

  • Project Scale


Challenge Deteriorating water quality in the local Loddon River, due to prolonged drought meant that the drinking water source for two rural communities suffered from taste, odour and salinity problems even after conventional treatment. The challenge was to provide a salt reduction facility within a tight timeframe as part of an overall water treatment plant upgrade.

Solution A reverse osmosis desalination (salt reduction) plant in two containers which removes salts from the water that has already passed through conventional water treatment processes.

Result Working to the client’s project management time frame, Osmoflo was able to design, construct and deliver a salinity reduction system with a high rate of recovery within a little over four months from contract signing. The system is designed to be transportable and is able to treat feed water of variable quality with only minor modification should it be required elsewhere in the future.

Coliban Water is one of the largest Victorian water authorities providing water and wastewater services to customers across an area of 16,550km.