Desal Now

Desal Now

Having one of the largest global fleets of emergency water treatment equipment, Osmoflo are able to provide immediate assistance for both water supply and dewatering.

Osmoflo have a number of large scale emergency water treatment plants available for fast track and rapid deployment projects. These plants can be mobilised to client’s sites anywhere in the world.


Osmoflo have a number of larger capacity “Desal Now” plants:

•   20,000 m3/day Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis

•   28,000 m3/day Ultrafiltration Seawater Reverse Osmosis

•   37,000 m3/day Multimedia Seawater Reverse Osmosis

•   56,000 m3/day Seawater Reverse Osmosis

•   90,000 m3/day Multimedia Filtration

•   100,000 m3/day Ultrafiltration

•   150,000 m3/day Ultrafiltration


Desal Now is suited to a number of short term and long term applications:

•   Any emergency water needs - breakdowns, increased demand, planned and unplanned maintenance, changes in water quality, disasters

•   Capacity increases during high production periods

•   Events where brackish water needs upgrading to potable water

•   Back-up during critical periods, plant upgrades and drought conditions

•   Improved water quality; adding to an       existing system for polishing to a higher quality

•   Environmental needs; dewatering to meet regulatory requirements


Depending on particular capacity requirements, rental solutions are fully containerised or skid mounted, supplied with power and which can be equipped with Osmoflo’s proprietary PlantConnect®, offering 24 hour monitoring globally.



Strategically located globally, these plants can be quickly deployed to service a range of industries including:

•   Mining

•   Energy

•   Construction

•   Petrochemical

•   Municipalities

•   Marine

•   General industry


For any enquiries or questions please contact Bobby Watson, Manager, Rentals & Special Projects on:

Office (Australia) +61 (8) 82829700


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