Case Studies

Case Studies


Osmoflo embraces opportunity to provide water solution to offshore drilling platform in West Africa

Containerised SWRO plants shipped to West Africa to support off shore drilling program.

Water for Infrastructure Development

10 plants provided to one of Australia's largest infrastructure projects.

Water to sustain oil & gas operations in the remote Cooper Basin

Process and drinking water for remote oil and gas fields operations.

Chilean based Copper Mining Company engages Osmoflo to ensure

The Antucoya copper project aims at producing an average of 80,000t/y of copper cathodes from an open pit and heap leaching-SX-EW facilities. It will require 7,000 workers during the construction phase and then generate 1,400 jobs during the ensuing operational phase.

Compliant Discharge of Minewater

Following the failure of an existing RO desalination plant, Osmoflo were asked to double the original plant output at Ulan Coal Mine.

Osmoflo supports innovative Mine Water Treatment

Virtual Curtain (VC) technology used to remove metal contaminants from 50,000m3 of wastewater; the equivalent of around 20 Olympic swimming pools.

Process and potable water for gold mining

New technologies resulting in reduced production costs allowed for Newmont to re-open their Boddington gold mine. Osmoflo supplied a reverse osmosis plant to provide high purity process water and drinking water needed on the site.

Rental desalination plant aids development of new mineral sands mine

Rental plant to be used as a bridging solution between sister mines.

Socially responsible project increases water supply

The use of Sea Water Desaliantion as an alternative water source, is contributing to the River Murray water flows.

Turnkey Wastewater Treatment Plant Project

Providing a turnkey service to be handed to WA Water Corporation.

Water for Minerals Processing

Reverse Osmosis (RO), with PlantConnect(R) remote monitoring.

Desalination solution for several source water intakes

A newly developed flotation process which forms part of the minerals recovery process at the Mount Weld rare earth mine near Laverton in WA is sensitive to water quality. Overcoming that problem a 2.3 megalitres per day (ML/d) reverse osmosis desalination plant is now supplying the mine with water to the consistent standard required. The plant has been financed, built and is being operated by Osmoflo through a of a 10-year Build Own Operate contract. It has been designed to concurrently treat water from two different sources and of vastly different quality. The primary source is saline bore water (5,600 mg/L Total Dissolved Solids) which also contains high levels of magnesium and silica. Both can be detrimental to the performance of some reverse osmosis membranes so special consideration was given to the selection of the most appropriate membrane type for this project. Following treatment, TDS content is less than 150 mg/L. Some feed water is also sourced from a tailings dam. To cope with the differences in feed water characteristics from each source, the plant consists of two trains each of which has its own multi-media and microfiltration pre-treatment systems prior to desalination. Apart from special membranes, plant design and engineering takes into account the remote location with built in additional redundancy of major systems.

Water for sand mining in remote Eucla Basin

Iluka Resources Jacinth-Ambrosia mineral sands mine currently under development in the Eucla Basin some 200 km north west of Ceduna SA is reputed to be the largest zircon deposit discovered in decades. The only available water comes from highly saline bores - 51,000 mg/L Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) which are located 30km away. Osmoflo was contracted to supply a desalination plant which could provide water of potable grade standard for construction workers and for use in civil works, however the presence of high manganese and iron levels in the feed water, both of which impact negatively on membrane performance, presented a particular challenge. Osmoflo conducted trials with a pilot plant to develop a practical solution before proceeding with a 400kL/d permanent plant which it operates and maintains, The pre-treatment system includes pH adjustment of the feed water from the bores prior to storage in an aeration dam where iron is settled out. The water is then fed through a multimedia filter with special iron removal media before passing through the reverse osmosis membranes. Reject water containing brine is reused in ore slurry processes at the mine.

Recycling mine water for environmental use

Successful underground mining at Xstrata's Ulan Coal Mine, located near Mudgee, NSW requires the extraction of large volumes of water. A reverse osmosis plant and microfiltration pre-treatment system provided by Osmoflo enables the water to be recycled back into the environment along with on-site irrigation. The release of this water in an area that has suffered extensive, prolonged drought is bringing life to streams that have not flowed for many years resulting in the rejuvenation of native flora and fauna and replenishment of fish stocks.

Desalinated reuse water for power generation

Two reverse osmosis plants, with pre-treatment by microfiltration. Both plants utilize the company's proprietry PlantConnect system, providing 24 hour monitoring ensuring optimum plant performance.

High purity reuse water for power generation

Reducing discharges of saline water through treatment and reuse of cooling tower blow down water, minimising water use.

Rental Plant to meet urgent needs for demineralised water

The new Uranquinty Power Station required a large amount of water quickly to assist with plant commissioning. Osmoflo provided a short term rental solution to provide the water needs of the commissioning part of the project.

SWAN on-line instrumentation for chemical control

Chemical control room which included 118 high precision on line analytical instruments manufactured in Switzerland by SWAN.

Tackling Increasing Water Salinity

Current water supplies were diminishing in quality, causing operational problems for Verve Energy's power station.

Build Own Operate Solution for AGL

Under a Build Own Operate contract Osmoflo has provided AGL's Torrens Island Power Station with a 2ML/d demineralisation plant. Drawing raw water from a local river, the plant provides the high purity water the station requires. The plant is designed for flexible operation that can accommodate the power station's varying demand and source water availability.

Electro-deionisation for Tallawarra Power Station

Alstom Power's gas-fired power station Tallawarra Power Station uses a new fast start 'combined cycles' generation technology which requires high purity water. Osmoflo has designed a technologically advanced 200kL/d two stage reverse osmosis electro-deionisation plant to meet this requirement. A chemical free process provides benefits including much less down time and chemical discharge compared with alternative conventional ion exchange systems.

Wastewater recycling for power plant

A wastewater recycling solution provided by Osmoflo at Origin Energy’s Darling Downs Power Station is enabling the electricity generator to reduce its reliance on bores located some 20km away and is solving a wastewater disposal problem. Prior to the Osmoflo installation, much of the wastewater produced on site needed to be trucked away for disposal, a requirement that is now much reduced. Commissioned in July 2010, the Osmoflo plant includes pre-treatment by multi-media filtration followed by reverse osmosis desalination. Feed water consists of suitable wastewater streams at the site, supplemented by bore water as required. Capacity of the plant is in excess of one megalitre per day (ML/d) with treated water being equivalent to potable standard. To further minimise waste, a microfiltration system treats backwash water enabling its reuse without further treatment. An Osmoflo rental desalination plant was located at the site to deal with immediate water needs prior to the commissioning of the permanent plant.

Highly efficient treatment of water used in soft drinks manufacturing

High quality treatment of water used in soft drinks manufacturing processes and treatment of reject water eliminating discharges to sewers.

Polishing of process wastewater enabling reuse

A system enabling cost effective treatment and reuse of brewery wastewater

Coca-Cola's largest nanofiltration plant

Kewdale, Western Australia has Coca-Cola Amatil's (CCA) largest Australian nanofiltration plant. It ensures the scheme water supply is treated to comply with CCA's strict specifications. This plant has an extremely high recovery rate of 92%.

Treatment of ground water enabling its use in beer production

Water is always a major talking point in Adelaide, capital city of the driest state on the driest continent. Pro-active local industries often lead the way in adopting measures to conserve scarce drinking water supplies. Adelaide's iconic Coopers Brewery is no exception to this cause and when planning its move to a substantially larger site actively sought out water saving measures, including the replacement of mains water with ground water. Osmoflo's solution was to design a plant which could meet growing water useage needs for future expansion. A 3 ML/d reverse osmosis plant was comissioned in March 2007. Coopers are now achieving net savings by using ground water instead of mains water while the use of reject water in irrigation is also reducing effluent discharge costs. This is under a Build Own Operate contract where Osmoflo owns and operates the RO plant and the brewery is billed on consumption.

Unique 'blend control' system for brewery

A unique 'blend control' system provided as part of an Osmoflo reverse osmosis desalination plant at Swan's Canning Vale Brewery in Perth enables automatic adjustment of water quality to meet brew requirements. The 1ML/d plant was provided to the Water Corporation which is responsible for water supply to the brewery. Through a long-term operations and maintenace agreement, Osmoflo undetakes preventative maintenance and provides regular operation reports.

Cost savings at Penrice from reduced reliance on mains water

One of South Australia's largest industrial water users has significantly reduced its reliance on costly potable supplies.

Desalinating sea water for irrigation

Augmentation of local catchment water to enable irrigation

Osmoflo engaged by Community Water industry to

Osmoflo’s rapidly supplied a rental solution with an ultrafiltration and microfiltration solution to improve water quality to comply with Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

Rental reverse osmosis plant resolves water crisis

Reverse osmosis rental plant dispatched and on-site within 24 hours

Rental UF plant to optimise existing RO performance

Cost savings reached through improved RO plant reliability and sustained water supply.

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