Osmoflo features in Chemical Engineering World magazine

Osmoflo features in Chemical Engineering World magazine

06th Jun 2017

Osmoflo's technical case study has featured in the Chemical Engineering World magazine, April 2017 edition.

The case study, titled 'Innovative Commerical and Technical Solutions for CSG Produced Water Treatment Project', explores the technology and services that Osmoflo is providing in its water treatment solution for the Santos Leewood project.

Read the full technical case study here.


The coal seam gas (CSG) exploration and appraisal activities by Santos in Narrabri, New South Wales (NSW), Australia results in produced formation water (PFW) that is stored in specially constructed double lined ponds. Santos is seeking to treat this water for beneficial reuse in irrigation, dust suppression, construction and drilling, and emergency firefighting purposes. Santos have outsourced this requirement to Osmoflo under a hybridized build, own and operate model, which includes the design and delivery of a water and brine treatment plant (WBTP), and specialist operation and maintenance services for 3 yrs initially, with a possible extension to 5 yrs. The WBTP is containerised to allow demobilisation and future possible re-deployment, and to find an appropriate balance between the often competing drivers of the projects technical objectives, and the commercial requirements of delayed and minimized capital expenditure.

The PFW and legacy brine has a wide salinity range of 18,000 to 51,000 mg/L and algae counts up to 8.8 million cells/mL These need to be desalinated to produce irrigation quality treated water of salinity <600 mg/L. Osmoflo has selected disc filtration followed by a microfiltration (MF) system as pretreatment prior to desalination through reverse osmosis (RO). The RO system has been designed with a two stage configuration with an interstage booster pump to allow variable water recovery from 55 to 70% depending on the PFW salinity. The brine from the RO system is further concentrated through Osmoflo’s Brine Squeezer (OBS) process which is an innovative, cost effective, ultra-high recovery RO process. The Brine Squeezer process is designed to concentrate the brine to a salinity >90,000 mg/L in order to minimize the brine volumes.

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