Cheers to Osmoflo Supporting another Brewery with Water Treatment

Cheers to Osmoflo Supporting another Brewery with Water Treatment

03rd Mar 2016

Osmoflo has secured the contract to provide a wastewater treatment solution to Stone and Wood brewery. Located in north-eastern New South Wales, the brewery produces a range of top-end craft beers for the Australian market, including the particularly famous Pacific Ale.

Following a move from the original brewery in Byron Bay due to rapid growth, Stone & Wood had a wastewater treatment requirement due to the limitations of the volume of their effluent discharged from site and a desire to be one of the most efficient and sustainable breweries globally. Osmoflo were contracted to provide a custom designed plant to treat and reclaim water for use within the brewery and utilities. 

The plant to be provided will initially consist of integrated membrane treatment skids, with ability to handle a wide variety of feedwaters – which is likely to change as the brewery continues to expand and the existing wastewater treatment plant process is upgraded. The ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis skids will allow recovery of high quality water for use in cooling towers and boilers primarily, being serviced and supported operationally from Osmoflo’s local offices as the brewery continues to expand and the system is continuously optimised.

The contract continues to demonstrate Osmoflo’s understanding and ability to support local businesses and breweries and the wider beverage market for their water needs.

“Through Osmoflo’s experience and knowledge of the water requirements that come with breweries, we continue to assist the brewery market with various water treatment, whether that be pre-treatment or post-treatment.”

“The Stone & Wood Brewery join our client list that includes that of Fosters, Coopers Brewery who have been a client for 20 years, as well as beverage powerhouses Schweppes and Coca Cola.” Ajay Jaggi, Osmoflo General Manager, International and Sales discusses.

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