Our Municipal Projects

Our Municipal Projects

At Osmoflo we understand that there's more than just the technology and expertise when it comes to providing fresh, safe water to communities around the world. Water, its availability or lack of it, impinges on the social fabric of each and every community.

So we consult widely with water utilities, councils and other relevant authorities on all aspects of water delivery and work with them on projects that can ensure communities have sustainable and affordable drinking water supply regardless of raw water quality. That strategy may include wastewater treatment and reuse schemes that can help drought proof regions by providing alternative new sources of supply.

Apart from technology, our project teams have the required skills to deliver complex projects including community consultation, development applications and regulatory approvals such schemes require.

For large turn-key projects we generally partner with major civil contractors, consultants and investors.

Osmoflo’s Muncipal Case Studies

Osmoflo completes turn-key project to provide water to Omani people

a 56m3/d plant was constructed in less than 12 months, including full civil works in Oman which will provide the local people potable water

Water for 20,000 strong population in Broken Hill

In 12 weeks, Osmoflo designed, built and installed a 10.5ML/d water treatment plant that now provides the Broken Hill community with clean drinking water

Environment a key priority at Agnes Water desalination plant

Agnes Water and Seventeen Seventy (1770) are becoming increasingly popular as tourist destinations and as a place of residence for those seeking a sea change. Local water infrastructure requires an upgrade to support this growth.

Drinking water for a seaside tourism community

A sustanable drinking water supply for local residents and visitors.

Loddon River case study

The challenge was to provide a salt reduction facility within a tight timeframe as part of an overall water treatment plant upgrade.